Steering Gearbox Installation - Power Steering

NOTE: The illustrations show LHD type, RHD type is symmetrical.

1.Place the gearbox in position on the front subframe.

2.Loosely install the stiffener plates (A) and gearbox mounting bolts on the left side of the steering gearbox.


3.Position the cutout (A) on the mounting cushion (B) as shown, and install it on the right side of the steering gearbox securely.


4.Install the gearbox mounting bracket (C) over the mounting cushion, and loosely install the two 10 mm bolts.

5.Tighten the 10 mm bolts on the both sides of the steering gearbox to specified torque alternately in two or more steps.

6.Install the pinion shaft grommet (A). Align the slot in the pinion shaft grommet with the lug portion (B) on the valve housing. The grommet must not have a gap at the mating surface of the grommet and valve housing.


7.Carefully raise the front subframe with the jack until the subframe is in position.

NOTE: Be sure that the pinion shaft grommet is in place securely. Make sure the pinion shaft grommet is not turned up. Incorrect installation can cause leakage of water, mud, and noise.

8.Install the new front subframe rear mounting bolts (A), and tighten them to the specified torque.


9.Install the new front subframe front mounting bolts (A), and tighten them to the specified torque.


10.Install the lower torque rod bracket bolts (A), and tighten them to the specified torque.


11.Install the front subframe middle mount bolt (A) on the driver's side, and tighten it to the specified torque.


12.Install the front subframe middle mount bolt (A) on the passenger's side, and tighten it to the specified torque.


13.Connect the lower arm (A) to the lower ball joint (B).


14.Install a new flange bolt (C) and new flange nuts (D). After lightly tightening all three fasteners, tighten them to the specified torque beginning with the flange nuts.

15.Connect the inlet line (A), and loosely install the 18 mm flare nut (B). Do not tighten the flare nut to the specified torque yet.


16.Connect the return hose (C) securely, and tighten the adjustable hose clamp (D).

17.Install the inlet line clamp bolt (A).
Install the return line holder (B), and return the line clamp bolt (C) on the front subframe.

NOTE: Make sure that there is no interference between the inlet line, the return line, and any other parts.


18.Retighten the inlet line 18 mm flare nut to the specified torque value.

19.Install the pump outlet hose clamp (A).


20.Install the front splash shield.

21.Wipe off any grease contamination from the ball joint tapered section and threads. Reconnect the tie-rod ends (A) to the steering knuckles. Install the 12 mm nut (B), and tighten it.


22.Install the new cotter pin (C), and bend it as shown.

23.Center the steering rack within its stroke in steering joint connection.

24.With the rack in the straight ahead driving position, cut the wire (A) and slip the lower end of the steering joint onto the pinion shaft (B) in the range shown.


25.Align the bolt hole (A) on the steering joint with the groove (B) around the pinion shaft, and loosely install the joint bolt (C). Be sure that the joint bolt is securely in the groove in the pinion shaft. Pull on the steering joint to make sure that the steering joint is fully seated. Tighten the steering joint bolt to the specified torque.


26.Install the steering joint cover A.


27.Install the driver's dashboard under cover.

28.Install the front wheel, then set the wheels in the straight ahead position.

29.Install the steering wheel.

30.Connect the negative battery cable.

  • Enter the anti-theft code for the radio, then enter the audio presets.
  • Set the clock.
  • Verify cruise control, auto remote and turn signal switch operation.
  • Make sure the steering wheel is centered.

31.Fill the system with power steering fluid, and bleed air from the system.

32.After installation, do the following checks.