Driver's Airbag Replacement


1.Disconnect the negative cable from the battery, and wait at least 3 minutes before beginning work.

2.Remove the access panel (A) from the steering wheel, then disconnect the driver's airbag 4P connector (B) from the cable reel.


3.Using a Torx T30 bit, remove the two Torx bolts (A) and discard them.


4.Disconnect the horn switch connector (1P), then remove the driver's airbag (B).


1.Connect the horn switch connector (1P) (A) to the driver's airbag.


2.Place the new driver's airbag (B) in the steering wheel, and secure it with new Torx bolts (C).

3.Connect the cable reel 4P connector (A) to the driver's airbag 4P connector, then install the access panel (B) on the steering wheel.


4.Connect the negative cable to the battery.

5.After installing the airbag, confirm proper system operation:

  • Turn the ignition switch ON (II); the SRS indicator should come on for about 6 seconds and then go off.
  • Make sure the horn works.