Audio System Error Codes

The audio system displays error codes when a problem is detected with the CD disc changer, the audio disc, the XM radio, or the anti-theft code.

Error Code Displayed Possible Cause Solution 
CD DISC ERROR Cannot read disc. Eject the disc and try another one. 
DISC ERROR There is a problem with the disc player. A common problem is disc labels coming off the disc in the player. Try to eject the disc and try another one. If there is still a problem, replace the audio unit. 
CD HEAT ERROR Disc player is hot. This can happen if the vehicle is parked out in the hot sun all day. Park the vehicle in a cooler place for awhile and try the disc player again. If the error code is still present, try another disc. If the error code is still present, replace the audio unit. 
CODE ERROR E Anti-theft code mismatch (1st try). Enter the correct anti-theft code. 
CODE ERROR 1 Anti-theft code mismatch (10th try). Remove fuse No. 23 (10 A) in the under-hood fuse/relay box, then reinsert it. You will have 10 more tries to enter the correct anti-theft code. 
CD Focus Error Possibly CD installed up side down Eject CD and try a known-good CD.