Audio System Symptom Troubleshooting - No sound is heard from speakers (display is normal) (Except 1DIN 1CD type)

No sound is heard from speakers (display is normal) (Except 1DIN 1CD type)


1.Check that the volume button is not set to min level.

Is it at MIN level?

YES - Raise the volume level, and recheck the function.n

NO - Go to 2.

2.Check to see if there is a specific speaker that has no sound.

Is there a specific one?

YES - Go to 3.

NO - Go to 6.

3.Turn the ignition switch OFF.

4.Check the speaker with no sound for any damage.

Is there any damage?

YES - Substitute the speaker and recheck.n

NO - Go to 5.

5.Remove the speaker(s) with no sound, and disconnect its connector.

6.Check the speaker 2P connector for a loose or poor connection.

Reconnect the speaker 2P connector and recheck the symptom; does it still fail?

YES - Go to 7.

NO - Operation is normal.n

7.Measure the resistance between the No. 1 and No. 2 terminals of the speaker connector.

Is there about 4 W?

YES - Go to 8.

NO - Faulty speaker(s).n

8.Remove the audio unit. Disconnect audio unit connector A (17P).

9.Check the resistance between following terminals of audio unit connector A (17P) according to the table.

Speaker Terminal Wire color 
Left front door speaker, Left tweeter A12 (+) LT GBN 
A3 (-) PNK 
Right front door speaker,
Right tweeter 
A15 (+) GRY 
A7 (-) BRN 
Left rear speaker A11 (+) YEL 
A2 (-) BRN 
Right rear speaker A16 (+) BLU 
A8 (-) ORN 

Is there about 4 W?

YES - Go to 10.

NO - Repair short in the wires between the audio unit and speaker.n

10.Disconnect the speaker 2P connector.

11.Check audio unit connector A (17P) terminals No. 2, 3, 7, 8, 11, 12, 15 and 16 individually for continuity to body ground.


Is there continuity?

YES - Repair short to body ground in the wire between the audio unit and speaker.n

NO - Substitute a known-good audio unit and recheck. If the symptom/ indication goes away, replace the original audio unit.n