Audio Unit Removal/Installation (6CD type)

6CD type

SRS components are located in this area. Review the SRS component location.
Also review the precautions and procedures in the SRS section before doing repairs or service.


1.Make sure you have the anti-theft codes for the radio, then write down the radio station presets.

2.Remove the meter inner visor.

3.Remove the center pocket hole lid and bolts, then pull out the center panel (A).


4.Disconnect the connectors (B), and the air hose (C), then remove the center panel.

5.Remove the screws, and the audio unit (A) from the center panel display (B).


6.Remove the screws and the bracket (A).


7.Install the audio unit in the reverse order of removal, and note these items:

  • Make sure all connectors and antenna lead are secure.
  • Enter the anti-theft code for the radio, then enter the customer's audio presets, and set the clock.