Front Door Latch Replacement - With Super Locking

With Super Locking

NOTE: Put on gloves to protect your hands.

1.Raise the glass fully.

2.Remove the door panel.

3.Remove the plastic cover, as needed.

4.Detach the rod fastener.

5.Disconnect the outer handle rod from the outer handle.

6.Remove the bolt securing the outer handle protector, then remove the protector by releasing the hook.

7.Pull the glass run channel (A) away as needed, and remove the bolt, then remove the center lower channel (B) by pulling it downward.


8.Remove the screws (A, B) securing the latch (C), then remove the latch through the hole in the door. Take care not to bend the outer handle rod (D), cylinder cable (E), latch cable (F), and inner handle cable (G).


9.Driver's: Pull both side flanges (A) of the retainer (B) outward, and pull the middle flange portion (C) of the outer casing cover (D) out, then disconnect the cylinder cable (E) from the latch.

NOTE: As soon as the cable comes off the latch, the shutter (F) goes down into the connector (G).


10.Remove the screw, then remove the door latch protector (A) by releasing the hook (B).


11.Disconnect the lock cable (A) and the inner handle cable (B) from the latch (C).


12.Install the latch in the reverse order of removal, and note these items:

  • Make sure the actuator connector is plugged in properly and each rod is connected securely.
  • Make sure the door locks and opens properly.
  • When reinstalling the door panel, make sure the plastic cover is installed properly and sealed around its outside perimeter to seal out water.
  • Cylinder cable installation: Before installing the cylinder cable (A) to the latch, hang the elbow of the shutter (B) on the boss (C) as shown. Next install the cylinder cable fully into the connector (D), then push the retainer (E) until it snaps to engage the latch and the door cylinder securely. Make sure the elbow of the shutter is on the boss.