Trunk Lid Torsion Bar Replacement

Special Tool Required
Torsion bar assembly tool (  07AAF-SNAA100)

1.Remove the torsion bars (A) from the torsion bar center clip (B).


2.Put on gloves to protect your hands. Remove the torsion bars with the torsion bar assembly tool from both trunk lid hinges. First remove the left torsion bar (A), then remove the right torsion bar (B).


3.Remove the torsion bar center clip (A) from the body.


4.Install the torsion bar in the reverse order of removal, and note these items:

  • The shapes of the left torsion bar (A) and right torsion bar (B) are shown. Install the torsion bars properly.
  • Adjust the torsion bars forward or rearward with the torsion bar assembly tool.
  • Positions where each torsion bar was installed in the factory are following:
    • Left torsion bar: Normal position
    • Right torsion bar: Normal position
  • Make sure the trunk lid opens properly and locks securely.