Rewriting the ODO Data on a New Gauge Control Module

  • If the HDS retrieves the ODO data from the gauge control module (tach), the ODO value on the LCD display will appear as ‘‘— — —'', making the ODO function unusable, and the HDS will be unable to retrieve additional ODO values.
  • Rewriting is not possible on a gauge control module (tach) that does not communicate.
  • Obtain a new gauge control module (tach) before starting the rewriting process.

1.Before replacing the gauge control module (tach), connect the HDS to the data link connector.

2.Select GAUGES from the BODY ELECTRICAL menu display.

3.Select ‘‘Gauge Control Module Replacement (ODO rewrite)'' from the ADJUSTMENT menu, and follow the instructions on the display to retrieve the ODO value.

4.Replace the gauge control module (tach).

5.Follow the instructions on the display to write the new ODO value to the new gauge control module (tach).