Grab Handle Removal/Installation

NOTE: When removing components, use the handy remover set or equivalent.

1.Lower the grab handle (A), then pull out the stoppers (B).


2.While pinching the clips (A), release the hooks (B), then remove the grab handle (C).


3.Using a pair of pliers, remove all of the clips (A) by pinching its hooks.


4.If the side curtain airbag has deployed, replace the grab handle with a new one.

5.With side curtain airbags: If the side curtain airbag has not deployed, to prevent the side curtain airbags from deploying improperly and possibly causing injury, inspect removed pieces and replace them if they have any of these types of damage:

  • Any cracks or breakages in the grab handle (A).
  • Any cracks or stress-whitened in the stoppers (B).


6.Install the clips (A) to the grab handle (B), then install the stoppers (C) fully into the clips.


7.Position the grab handle (A) on the bracket (B), and push on the grab handle until the clips (C) snap into place securely.