Interior Trim Removal/Installation - Rear Pillar Trim - Without Side Curtain Airbags

Rear Pillar Trim

SRS components are located in this area. Review the SRS component locations and the precautions and procedures before performing repairs or service.



1.Remove these items:

2.Fold the seat-back forward.

3.Hit the front clip in the rear pillar trim (A) with your hand. The clip is near the triangle mark (B). Hitting the clip breaks the projections (C) on the pin (D) and pushes it into the grommet (E) and against the body (F). The grommet becomes narrow.

NOTE: The clip must be replaced with a new when the rear pillar trim is reinstalled.


4.Pull the front of the rear pillar trim (A) back by hand to remove the front clip (B) from the body (C).


5.Pull the rear pillar trim (A) by hand to detach the clips, then pull the trim up from the rear shelf (B).


6.If the side curtain airbag has deployed, replace the rear pillar trim and all clips on the trim with new ones.

7.If the side curtain airbag has not deployed, remove the front clip (A) from the removed rear pillar trim (B) and discard it. Then check the trim:

  • To prevent the side curtain airbags from deploying improperly and possibly causing injury, inspect the front pillar trim and replace it if it has any of these types of damage:
    • Any cracks, deformations, or stress-whitened in the rear pillar trim
    • Any cracks or stress-whitened in the clip seating surfaces (C, D)
  • Replace the rear clips (E) if it is damaged.
  • Replace the front clip with a new one.


8.Before installing the rear pillar trim (A) whether replaced or reinstalled, temporarily remove a new front clip (B).


9.Check the overlap between the headliner and rear pillar trim, and if necessary, adjust it.

10.Carefully reinstall a new front clip (A) to the rear pillar trim (B). Be sure that the grommet (C) is nearest to the top of the pin (D) as shown.


11.Reinstall the rear pillar trim (A).

-1 Insert the bottom of the trim into the rear shelf (B).
-2 Place the trim over the rear pillar (C), and fit its front clip (D) and rear clips (E) into holes (F) in the rear pillar, then lightly push the trim into place.

  • Make sure the side curtain airbag isn't tucked down under the clips and ribs.
  • Push lightly on the front clip. If you push too hard, the clip will be damaged, and it will not hold the trim properly.


12.Reinstall the rear door opening seal.