Mirror Holder Replacement

NOTE: Put on gloves to protect your hands.

1.Carefully push on the top edge of the mirror holder (A) by hand.


2.Put a shop towel in the opening between the lower edge of the mirror holder and the mirror housing (B) to prevent scratches, and detach the bottom clips (C) with a flat-tip screwdriver wrapped with protective tape.

NOTE: If the mirror is equipped with a side turn signal light, you should insert a flat-tip screwdriver into a concaved portion (D) of the mirror holder to pry up it.

3.Carefully pull out the bottom edge of the mirror holder (A) to separate the adhesive (B), and then release the side clips (C).


4.Separate the mirror holder from the actuator (D) by releasing the hooks (E).

5.Before reinstalling the mirror holder to the inner holder (A) of the actuator, check the actuator rods (B) and the actuator boots (C):

  • If each rod is off the actuator hole, insert it securely.
  • Each rod should be covered with a boot. If not, adjust the boot into the proper position.


6.Reattach the hooks of the mirror holder to the actuator, then position the mirror holder on the actuator. Carefully push on the clip portions of the mirror holder until the mirror holder locks into place.

7.Check the actuator operation.