Front Seat Cushion Cover Replacement

For some models: SRS components are located in this area. Review the SRS component locations and the precautions and procedures before performing repairs or service.

  • Do not repair any tears or frayed spots of the seat-back cover. If necessary, replace the seat-back cover.
  • When prying components, use the handy remover set or equivalent.
  • Take care not to tear the seams of damage the seat covers.
  • Put on gloves to protect your hands.
  • LHD is shown; RHD is symmetrical.

1.Remove the front seat.

2.Pull back the cap (A) to release the hooks (B), and remove the screws, then remove the hight handle (C).


3.Remove the recline cover (A).

-1 Remove the recline knob (B) and screw (C).
-2 Gently pull out the cover, then detach the clip (D), and release the hooks (E).


4.Gently pull out the center cover (A), then detach the clip, and release the hooks (B). Driver's seat is shown; passenger's seat is similar.


5.If equipped, from under the seat cushion, disconnect and/or detach the seat heater connectors (A) and side airbag connector (B).

Passenger's seat 

Driver's seat 

6.Release slits in the seat cushion cover (C) from the seat cushion frame spring (D), then pull the cover back. Release the hooks (E) and remove the wire tie (F).

7.With side airbags: Pull the side airbag harness (A) out through the loop (B).


8.Release the hook strips (A, B) from the seat frame (C).

Passenger's seat 

Driver's seat 

9.Release the hook (A) from under the seat cushion.


10.Remove the seat cushion cover/pad (A) from the seat frame (B).


11.Release the hooks (A) from under the seat cushion (B).


12.Pull back the edge of the seat-back cover all the way around, and release the clips (A), then remove the seat-back cover.


13.Install the cover in the reverse order of removal, and note these items:

  • To prevent wrinkles when installing a seat-back cover, make sure the material is stretched evenly over the pad before securing the clips, hooks, and hook strips.
  • Replace any clips you removed with new ones (A).