Registration for Immobilizer System

NOTE: The transmitter is automatically programmed to the vehicle when a transponder is programmed by HDS.

1.Turn the ignition switch ON (II).

2.Connect the HDS to the data link connector.

3.Select IMMOBILIZER from the SYSTEM SELECT menu.

4.Select the suitable menu from the HDS indications as follows.

NOTE: The immobilizer-keyless control unit can store up to six transponders (transmitters).

Added or replaced part Necessary operation after entering the Immobilizer Setup menu by the HDS Prepared part(s) when registered Information needed 
Replace any of the transmitters or keys Select ‘‘KEYS'', then ‘‘REWRITE KEYS'' 
  • All registered keys (transmitters)
  • All new keys (transmitters)
PCM code 
Add transmitters or keys Select ‘‘Add and Delete Keys'', then ‘‘Delete or Add Multiple Keys'' 
  • All registered keys (transmitters)
  • All new keys (transmitters)
HDS 1st passward 
Deleting the registration of lost transmitters or keys Select ‘‘KEYS'', then ‘‘REWRITE KEYS'' All new keys (transmitters) PCM code 
All keys (transmitters) are lost.
Replace all keys (transmitters). 
Select ‘‘KEYS'', then ‘‘ALL KEYS LOST'' All new keys (transmitters) PCM code 
The immobilizer-keyless control unit is replaced. Select ‘‘REPLACE IMMOBI UNIT'' All registered keys (transmitters) PCM code 
ECM/PCM is replaced. Select ‘‘REPLACE ECM/PCM'' All registered keys (transmitters) PCM code 
The steering lock assembly is replaced (also all transponder/keyless transmitters are replaced and registered). Select ‘‘KEYS'', then ‘‘ALL KEYS LOST'' All new keys (transmitters) PCM code 
Replace MICU Select ‘‘Replace MPCS/MICU/IMOES'' Under-dash fuse/relay box PCM code