Fuse to Components Index - Under-hood Fuse/Relay Box

Under-hood Fuse/Relay Box
Fuse Number Amps Wire Color Component(s) or Circuit(s) Protected 
100 A (BAT) Fuse/relay box socket Battery, Power distribution 
70 A (EPS) WHT EPS control unit 
50 A (IG) WHT Ignition switch 
80 A (OPTION) WHT No. 5, No. 6, No. 7, No. 29, and No. 31 fuses (in the under-dash fuse/relay box) 
30 A*1, *2 (ABS MTR) RED ABS modulator-control unit, VSA modulator-control unit 
40 A*1 (ABS FSR) WHT VSA modulator-control unit 
30 A*2 (ABS FSR) ABS modulator-control unit 
50 A (H/L) WHT No. 18, No. 19, No. 20, and No. 21 fuses (in the under-dash fuse/relay box) 
40 A (P/W) BLU No. 24, No. 25, No. 26, No. 30, No. 32, and No. 33 fuses (in the under-dash fuse/relay box) 
——— ——— Not used 
20 A BLU A/C condenser fan motor (via A/C condenser fan relay) 
20 A*5 BRN Radiator fan motor (via radiator fan relay) 
30 A*6 BRN Radiator fan motor (via radiator fan relay) 
30 A RED Rear window defogger (via rear window defogger relay) 
40 A WHT Blower motor (via blower motor relay) 
10 10 A YEL MICU, Trailer lighting connector, Hazard warning light switch 
11 15 A PUR A/F sensor (Sensor 1), ECM/PCM 
Fuse/relay box socket PGM-FI subrelay 
12 15 A WHT Brake lights, ECM/PCM, MICU, Horns 
13 ——— ——— Not used 
14 ——— ——— Not used 
15 7.5 A LT GRN Engine oil level sensor*7 
Fuse/relay box socket A/C condenser fan relay 
16 ——— ——— Not used 
17 ——— ——— Not used 
18 15 A BLU Ignition coils, ECM/PCM 
Fuse/relay box socket Ignition coils relay 
19 15 A ORN CKP sensor, CMP sensor B, ECM/PCM, Injectors, PGM-FI main relay 2 
Fuse/relay box socket ETCS relay, PGM-FI main relay 1 (FI MAIN) 
20 7.5 A PUR A/C compressor clutch (via A/C compressor clutch relay) 
21 15 A LT BLU ECM/PCM (via ETCS relay) 
22 7.5 A RED (LT BLU)*3 Ceiling light, Courtesy lights, Map light, Trunk light, Vanity mirror lights, Ignition key light 
23 10 A ORN (WHT)*4 Audio unit, Data link connector, Gauge control module (tach and speedo), Immobilizer control unit 

*1: With VSA 
*2: With ABS 
*3: The RED wire of the No. 22 (7.5 A) fuse changes to LT BLU wire through the under-dash fuse/relay box. 
*4: The ORN wire of the No. 23 (10 A) fuse changes to WHT wire through the under-dash fuse/relay box. 
*5: Except R18A1 and R18A3 engines (A/T) 
*6: R18A1 and R18A3 engines (A/T) 
*7: KG and KE models 

Under-hood Fuse/Relay Box