Headlight Washer Motor Test/Replacement

1.Remove the right inner fender.

2.Disconnect the 2P connector (A) from the headlight washer motor (B).


3.Test the motor by connecting battery power to the No. 1 terminal and ground the No. 2 terminal of the headlight washer motor. The motor should run.

  • If the motor does not run or fails to run smoothly, go to 4.
  • If the motor runs smoothly, but little or no washer fluid is pumped, check for a disconnected or blocked washer hose, or clogged washer nozzles.

4.Remove the bolt and bracket (C), then disconnect the headlight washer motor from the washer reservoir (D).

5.Install the headlight washer motor in the reverse order of removal. If the gasket (E) is damaged, replace it.