DTC Troubleshooting: 12-21, 14-21, 16-21, 18-21

DTC 12-21:  Right-front Wheel Sensor Installation Error
DTC 16-21:  Right-rear Wheel Sensor Installation Error

1.Test-drive the vehicle. Drive the vehicle at 10 km/h (7 mph).

NOTE: Drive the vehicle on the road, not on the hoist.

2.Check the RF, LF, RR, LR WHEEL SPD in the ABS DATA LIST with the HDS.

Are all four the same indicated value?

YES - Intermittent failure, the system is OK at this time. Check for loose terminals between the wheel sensor 2P connector and the ABS modulator-control unit 25P connector. Refer to intermittent failures troubleshooting.n

NO - Go to 3.

3.Turn the ignition switch OFF.

4.Check the appropriate wheel sensor is properly mounted.

DTC Appropriate Wheel Sensor 
12-21 Right-front 
14-21 Left-front 
16-21 Right-rear 
18-21 Left-rear 

Is the wheel sensor installation OK?

YES - Replace the appropriate wheel sensor .n

NO - Reinstall the wheel sensor, and check the mounting position.n