How to Troubleshoot the Gauges

The gauge control module (tach) has a self-diagnostic function shown, and also has a customize reset function.

NOTE: Indicators are also controlled via the communication line.

Entering the self-diagnostic function (with HDS)

Using the HDS, select Body Electrical, Gauge, then function test and do the self-diagnostic function.

Entering the self-diagnostic function (without HDS)

Before doing the self-diagnostic function, check the No. 10 (7.5 A) fuse in the under-dash fuse/relay box and No. 23 (10 A) fuse in the under-hood fuse/relay box.

1.Push and hold the SEL/RESET switch button.

2.Turn the headlights ON.

3.Turn the ignition switch ON (II).

4.Within 5 sec., turn the headlights OFF, then ON and OFF again.

5.Within 5 sec., release the SEL/RESET switch button, and then push and release the button three times repeatedly.



The Indicator Drive Circuit Check

When entering the self-diagnostic mode, the following indicators blink:
ABS indicator, A/T gear position indicator, brake system indicator, charging system indicator, cruise control indicator, cruise indicator, door indicator, EPS indicator, high beam indicator, immobilizer indicator, lights-on indicator, front fog light, rear fog light, low fuel indicator, malfunction indicator lamp (MIL), oil pressure indicator, oil level indicator, seat belt indicators, security indicator, side airbag off indicator, SRS indicator, trunk indicator, VSA indicator, VSA activation indicator.

Switch Input Check

At the initial stage of the self-diagnostic function, the beep sounds intermittently, the beeper sounds continuously when any of the following switch inputs are switched from OFF to ON:
Cruise control master, SET, RESUME, CANCEL switches, SEL/RESET switch, illumination volume (+), (-) switch, mph-km/h change switch*, brake fluid level switch, parking brake switch, and VSA OFF switch.

*: KE model 

The Beeper Drive Circuit Check

When entering the self-diagnostic mode, the beeper sounds five times.

The LCD Segment Check

When entering the self-diagnostic mode, all the segments blink five times.

The Gauge Drive Circuit Check

When entering the self-diagnostic mode, the tachometer needle sweeps from the minimum position to maximum position, then returns to the minimum position.

After the beeper stops sounding and the gauge needle returns to the minimum position, pushing the SEL/RESET switch starts the Beeper Drive Circuit Check (one beep) and the Gauge Drive Circuit Check again.
The check cannot be started again until the gauge needle returns to the minimum position.


If the needle fails to sweep, or the beeper does not sound, replace the gauge control module (tach).

The Communication Line Check

While in the self-diagnostic mode, the Communication Line Check starts after the LCD Segments Check.
If all segments come on, the communication line is OK. If faulty, the word ‘‘Error'' will be indicated on the odometer display followed by number(s).

Error Code List
Error code Type of communication line(s) error 
Error 1 F-CAN communication 
Error 2 B-CAN communication 
Error 3 UART communication 
Error 12 F-CAN and B-CAN communication 
Error 13 F-CAN and UART communication 
Error 23 B-CAN and UART communication 
Error 123 F-CAN, B-CAN and UART communication 

Example Indication 

If any F-CAN or B-CAN communication line errors are found, go to DTC check using HDS.

Ending the self-diagnostic function

Turn the ignition switch OFF.

NOTE: If the vehicle speed exceeds 2 km/h (1.2 mph), the self-diagnostic function ends.