DTC Troubleshooting: 86-1x, 86-2x

DTC 86-1x (86-10 to 86-19, 86-1A to 86-1F):
Faulty OPDS Seat-back Sensor

1.Erase the DTC memory.

2.Turn the ignition switch ON (II), and check that the SRS indicator comes on for about 6 seconds and then goes off.

Does the SRS indicator stay on, and is DTC 86-1x or 86-2x indicated?

YES - Go to 3.

NO - Intermittent failure, system is OK at this time. Go to Troubleshooting Intermittent Failures. If another DTC is indicated, go to the DTC Troubleshooting Index.

NOTE: Aftermarket devices (fluorescent lights, laptop computers, etc.) used near the front passenger's seat-back can interfere with the seat-back sensors and cause a false DTC 86-1x or 86-2x. If one of these devices was used, erase the DTC, operate the device near the seat-back, and recheck for DTCs. If DTC 86-1x or 86-2x is set, erase it, and do not use the device near the seat-back.

3.Check the connection at the OPDS sensor harness connectors (A) and the OPDS unit connector (B).


Is the connection OK?

YES - Go to 4.

NO - Repair the poor connection, and clear the DTC.n

4.Replace the OPDS sensor/seat-back foam, and initialize the OPDS unit.

5.Erase the DTC memory, then check for DTC 86-1x or 86-2x.

Is DTC 86-1x or 86-2x indicated?

YES - Replace the OPDS unit.n

NO - The system is OK.n