DTC Troubleshooting: E2-11, E3-11, E4-11, F1-11, F2-11, F3-11, F4-11

DTC E2-11, E3-11 (RHD type), E4-11 (LHD type), F1-11, F2-11, F3-11, F4-11:  Airbags, Side Airbags, Side Curtain Airbags, Seat Belt Tensioners, and/or Seat Belt Outer Lap Tensioners Deployed

The SRS unit must be replaced after any airbags and/or tensioners have deployed.n

NOTE: DTC E3-11 or E4-11 is set if the system triggered a passenger's side airbag deployment but the airbag was prevented from deploying by the OPDS. Replace the right side impact sensor (first).