DTC Troubleshooting: 21-11, 22-11, 23-11, 24-11

DTC 21-11:  Right-front Magnetic Encoder Malfunction (Pulse Missing)
DTC 23-11:  Right-rear Magnetic Encoder Malfunction (Pulse Missing)

1.Turn the ignition switch ON (II).

2.Clear the DTC with the HDS.

3.Test-drive the vehicle. Drive the vehicle at 20 km/h (13 mph) or more, and go a distance of 100 m (328 ft) or more.

4.Check for DTCs with the HDS.

Is DTC 21-11, 22-11, 23-11, and/or 24-11 indicated?

YES - Go to 5.

NO - Intermittent failure, the system is OK at this time. Check for loose terminals between the wheel sensor 2P connector and the VSA modulator-control unit 37P connector. Refer to intermittent failures troubleshooting.n

5.Turn the ignition switch OFF.

6. Inspect the appropriate magnetic encoder for debris or cracks.

DTC Appropriate Magnetic Encoder Note 
21-11 Right-front Remove the outer driveshaft joint from the appropriate wheel hub. 
22-11 Left-front 
23-11 Right-rear Remove the hub bearing unit. 
24-11 Left-rear 

Is the magnetic encoder surface OK?

YES - Replace the wheel bearing or the hub bearing unit:n

NO - Clean off dust or dirt from the appropriate magnetic encoder surface on the wheel bearing or the hub bearing unit then go to 1 and recheck.n