DTC Troubleshooting: 51-11, 51-13

DTC 51-11:  Motor Lock

1.Turn the ignition switch ON (II).

2.Clear the DTC with the HDS.

3.Turn the ignition switch OFF, then turn it ON (II) again.

4.Wait 5 seconds.

5.Operate SOLENOID or VSA in the VSA FUNCTION TEST with the HDS. Repeat this 5 times for each solenoid.

6.Check for DTCs with the HDS.

Is DTC 51-11 or 51-13 indicated?

YES - Check for loose terminals in the VSA modulator-control unit 37P connector. If necessary, substitute a known-good VSA modulator-control unit and retest.n

NO - Intermittent failure, the system is OK at this time. Check for loose terminals at the VSA modulator-control unit 37P connector. Refer to intermittent failures troubleshooting.n