A/C Condenser Replacement

1.Recover the refrigerant with a recovery/recycling charging station.

2.Remove the front grille.

3.Remove the bolts, then disconnect the discharge hose (A) from the A/C condenser.


4.Remove the bolt, then disconnect the receiver line (A) from the A/C condenser.


5.Remove the bolts and the A/C condenser upper mount brackets (A).


6.Lift the tab (A) to release the lock, then remove the outside air temperature sensor (B) from the bracket. Disconnect the 2P connector (C) then remove the clip (D).


7.Remove the hood latch.

8.Remove the A/C condenser (A) by lifting it up. Be careful not to damage the radiator and A/C condenser fins when removing the A/C condenser.


9.Install the A/C condenser in the reverse order of removal, and note these items: