Clutch Master Cylinder Replacement


1.Remove the brake fluid from the clutch master cylinder reservoir with a syringe.

2.Write down the frequencies for the radio's preset buttons. Disconnect the negative (-) cable first, then the positive (+) cable from the battery.
Remove the battery.

3.Remove the driver's dashboard under cover.

4.Remove the air cleaner housing.

5.Remove the battery base.
SPFM Manual Transmission:.
SPGM Manual Transmission:.
RPD6 Manual Transmission:.

6.Pry out the lock pin (A), and pull the pedal pin (B) out of the yoke. Remove the master cylinder mounting nuts (C).


7.Remove the cowl cover and under-cowl panel.

8.Remove the clutch pipe bracket (A).


9.Remove the clutch pipe from the clamp (B).

10.Remove the clutch master cylinder (A) with the clutch pips (B) and the reservoir hose (C).


11.Disconnect the reservoir hose (A), then remove the retaining clip (B) and remove the clutch pipe (C) from the clutch master cylinder (D). Plug the end of the reservoir hose and the clutch pipe with a shop towel to prevent brake fluid from coming out.


12.Remove the O-ring (E) and clutch master cylinder seal (F) from the clutch master cylinder.

13.Install the clutch master cylinder in the reverse order of removal, and note these items:

14.Make sure the hose clamps (A) are positioned on the master cylinder (B) and reservoir (C) as shown.


15.To prevent the retaining clip (A) from coming off, pry to open the tip of the retaining clip (B) with a screwdriver.


16.Bleed the clutch master hydraulic system.

NOTE: The reservoir filling is covered in the bleeding procedure.

17.Reinstall the under-cowl panel and cowl cover.