Thermostat Housing Removal and Installation


1.Drain the engine coolant.

2.Remove the air cleaner housing assembly.

3.Remove the harness bracket (A), then remove the lower radiator hose (B), the water bypass hoses (C), and the heater hose (D).



4.Remove the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) pipe.


5.Disconnect the EGR connector.

6.Remove the thermostat housing.


7.Remove the EGR valve (A), thermostat cover (B), and thermostat (C).



1.Install the new rubber seal (A) onto the thermostat, then install the thermostat (B) with pin (C) up, and install the thermostat cover (D).


2.Install the EGR valve (E) with a new gasket (F).

3.Install the thermostat housing (A), using a new gasket (B) and new O-ring (C).


4.Connect the EGR connector.

5.Install the EGR pipe (A), using the new gaskets (B).


6.Install the lower radiator hose (A), heater hose (B), and water bypass hoses (C), then install the harness bracket (D).



7.Install the air cleaner housing assembly.

8.Refill the radiator with engine coolant, and bleed the air from the cooling system with the heater valve open.