Cylinder Head Rocker Arm and Shaft Disassembly/Reassembly


  • Identify each part as it is removed so that each item can be reinstalled.
  • Inspect the rocker arm shaft and rocker arms.
  • If reused, the rocker arms must be installed in the same positions.
  • When removing, or installing the rocker arm assembly, do not remove the camshaft holder bolts. The bolts will keep the holders and rocker arms on the shaft.
  • Remove the rocker shaft bolt before removing the rocker shaft from the No. 5 rocker shaft holder.
  • Prior to reassembling, clean all the parts in solvent, dry them, and apply new engine oil to any contact points.
  • Bundle the intake secondary rocker arms with rubber bands to keep them together as a set.
  • When replacing the intake rocker arm assembly, remove the fastening hardware from the new intake rocker arm assembly.