Engine Oil Pan Removal

1.If the engine is already out of the vehicle, go to 12.

2.Remove the drive belt.

3.Remove the A/C condenser fan shroud.

4.Disconnect the A/C compressor clutch connector. then remove the harness clamp. Remove the A/C compressor without disconnect the A/C hoses.

5.Raise the vehicle on the hoist to full height.

6.Remove the splash shield.

7.Drain the engine oil.

8.Remove exhaust pipe A.

9.Support the oil pan with a jack.

10.Remove the lower torque rod.

11.Remove the jack.

12.European models: Remove the engine oil level sensor cover (A), then disconnect the engine oil level sensor connector (B).


13.Remove the lower torque rod bracket.



14.Remove the A/C compressor bracket.


15.Remove the shift cable cover (A/T).


16.Remove the clutch cover/torque converter cover (A), and remove the two bolts securing the transmission.


17.Remove the bolts securing the oil pan.

18.Using a flat blade screwdriver, separate the oil pan from the block in the places shown.


19.Remove the oil pan.