Low Oil Pressure Indicator Circuit Troubleshooting (Open)

1.Connect the Honda Diagnostic System (HDS) to the data link connector (DLC).

2.Turn the ignition switch ON (II).

3.Make sure the HDS communicates with the vehicle and the ECM/PCM. If it doesn't, troubleshoot the DLC circuit.

4.Check for DTCs. If a DTC is present, diagnose, and repair the cause before continuing with this test.

5.Turn the ignition switch ON (II), select PGM-FI, and check the OIL PRESSURE SWITCH in the DATA LIST with the HDS.

Is ‘‘ON'' indicated?

YES - Replace the gauge control module (tach).n

NO - Go to 6.

6.Check the oil pressure switch.

Is the oil pressure switch OK?

YES - Go to 7.

NO - Replace the oil pressure switch.n

7.Turn the ignition switch ON (II), and jump the SCS line with the HDS, then turn the ignition switch OFF.

NOTE: This step must be done to protect the engine control module (ECM)/powertrain control module (PCM) from damage.

8.Disconnect ECM/PCM connector B (44P) and the oil pressure switch connector.

9.Check for continuity between ECM/PCM connector terminal B7 and the oil pressure switch connector.


Is there continuity?

YES - Update the ECM/PCM if it does not have the latest software, or substitute a known-good ECM/PCM, then recheck. If the symptom/indication goes away with a known-good ECM/PCM, replace the original ECM/PCM.n

NO - Repair an open in the wire between the oil pressure switch and the ECM/PCM.n