M/T 5th/6th Synchro Ring and Gear Inspection

1.Inspect the inside of each synchro ring (A) for wear.
Inspect the teeth (B) on each synchro ring for wear (rounded off).


2.Inspect the teeth (A) on each synchro sleeve and matching teeth on each gear for wear (rounded off).


3.Inspect the thrust surface (A) on each gear hub for wear.


4.Inspect the cone surface (B) on each gear hub for wear and roughness.

5.Inspect the teeth on all gears (C) for uneven wear, scoring, galling, and cracks.

6.Coat the cone surface of each gear (B) with oil, and place its synchro ring on it. Rotate the synchro ring, making sure that it does not slip.

7.Measure the clearance between each gear (A) and its synchro ring (B) all the way round. Hold the synchro ring against the gear evenly while measuring the clearance. If the clearance is less than the service limit, replace the synchro ring and gear.

Synchro Ring-to-Gear Clearance
Standard: 0.655-1.334 mm (0.026-0.053 in.) 
Service Limit: 0.4 mm (0.02 in.)