ATF Warmer Replacement

1.Remove the splash shield.

2.Drain the engine coolant.

3.Make sure you have the customer's radio (and navigation) anti-theft codes, and write down the radio presets.

4.Disconnect the negative cable from the battery, then disconnect the positive cable.

5.Remove the battery hold-down bracket, and remove the battery and battery tray.

6.Remove the air cleaner housing and air intake duct.

7.Remove the battery base and resonator.

8.Disconnect the water by-pass hoses (A) and ATF warmer hoses (B) from the ATF warmer (C), and turn the hose ends up to prevent fluid from flowing out.


9.Remove the ATF warmer, and replace it with new one.

10.Install the new ATF warmer on its bracket (D).

11.Slide the water by-pass hoses to the ATF warmer, and secure the hoses with the clips.

12.Slide the ATF warmer hoses over the ATF warmer lines (E) until the hose ends contact the bulge (F), and secure the hoses with the clip (G) at 2-4 mm (0.08-0.16 in.) (H) from the hose end.

13.Install the battery base and resonator.

14.Install the air intake duct and air cleaner housing.

15.Install the battery tray and battery, then secure the battery with its hold-down bracket.

16.Connect the battery terminals, and apply grease around the battery terminals.

17.Install the splash shield.

18.Check the ATF level, and add the ATF to proper level if necessary.

19.Fill the engine cooling system with the recommended coolant.

20.Start the engine in the P or N position, and warm it up to normal operating temperature (the radiator fan comes on). Turn off the engine, and recheck the ATF level.

21.Enter the radio (and navigation) anti-theft code, then enter the radio presets, and set the clock.

22.Do the power window control unit reset procedure.