A/T Housing Bearing Removal

Special Tools Required
Driver attachment, 72 x 75 mm (  07746-0010600)

Driver attachment, 78 x 80 mm (  07NAD-PX40100)
Driver attachment, 62 x 68 mm (  07746-0010500)
Handle driver (  07749-0010000)
Snap ring pliers (  07LGC-0010100)

1.Remove the snap ring (A), cotter retainer (B), and cotters (C) from the idler gear shaft (D), then remove the idler gear shaft. Do not distort the snap ring.

NOTE: If you are not removing the idler gear shaft bearing, idler gear shaft removal is not needed.


2.To remove the mainshaft bearing (A), countershaft bearing (B), secondary shaft bearing (C), and idler gear shaft bearing (D) from the transmission housing, expand each snap ring with the snap ring pliers, then push the bearing out.

NOTE: Do not remove the snap ring unless it's necessary to clean the grooves in the housing.