A/T Housing Bearing Installation

Special Tools Required
Driver attachment, 72 x 75 mm (  07746-0010600)

Driver attachment, 78 x 80 mm (  07NAD-PX40100)
Driver attachment, 62 x 68 mm (  07746-0010500)
Handle driver (  07749-0010000)
Snap ring pliers (  07LGC-0010100)

1.Install the mainshaft bearing (A), countershaft bearing (B), secondary shaft bearing (C), and idler gear shaft bearing (D) in the transmission housing in the direction shown.


2.Expand each snap ring with the snap ring pliers, and install the bearing part-way into the housing.

3.Release the pliers, then push the bearing down into the housing until the snap ring snaps in place around it.

4.After installing the bearings verify that the snap rings (A) are seated in the bearing and housing grooves, and that the ring end gaps (B) are 0-7 mm (0-0.28 in.)


5.Install the idler gear shaft (A) in the idler gear shaft bearing.


6.Install the cotters (B) and cotter retainer (C), and secure the idler gear shaft with the snap ring (D).