A/T End Cover Park Lever Stop Inspection and Adjustment

1.Set the park lever in the P position.

2.Measure the distance (A) between the park pawl shaft center (B) and the extension line (C) connected centers of the park lever roller pin (D) and control shaft (E) in the vertical direction from the extension line.

Standard: 46.8-47.8 mm (1.84-1.88 in.) 


3.If the measurement is out of standard, select and install the appropriate park lever stop (A) from the table.


Mark Part Number 
24537-PA9-003 11.00 mm (0.433 in.) 11.00 mm (0.433 in.) 
24538-PA9-003 10.80 mm (0.425 in.) 10.65 mm (0.419 in.) 
24539-PA9-003 10.60 mm (0.417 in.) 10.30 mm (0.406 in.) 

4.After replacing the park lever stop, make sure the distance is within tolerance.