A/T Mainshaft 3rd Gear Axial Clearance Inspection

1.Remove the mainshaft transmission housing bearing.

2.Install the thrust needle bearing (A), 3rd gear (B), needle bearing (C), thrust needle bearing (D), 40 x 63 mm thrust washer (E), 3rd/5th clutch (F), 5th gear collar (G), and transmission housing bearing (H) on the mainshaft (I). Do not install the O-rings during inspection.


3.Install the idler gear (J) on the mainshaft by a press, then install the conical spring washer (K) and locknut (L).

4.Tighten the locknut to 29 N·m (3.0 kgf·m, 22 lbf·ft).

5.Set the dial indicator (A) on the 3rd gear (B).


6.Lift the 3rd gear (A) up while holding the mainshaft, and use the dial indicator (B) to read the 3rd gear axial clearance.


7.Measure the 3rd gear axial clearance in at least three places while moving the 3rd gear. Use the average as the actual clearance.

Standard: 0.04-0.10 mm (0.002-0.004 in.) 

8.If the clearance is out of standard, remove the 40 x 63 mm thrust washer and measure its thickness (A).


9.Select and install a new thrust washer, then recheck.

THRUST WASHER, 40 x 63 mm
No. Part Number Thickness 
90414-RPC-002 3.750 mm (0.1476 in.) 
90415-RPC-002 3.775 mm (0.1486 in.) 
90416-RPC-002 3.800 mm (0.1496 in.) 
90417-RPC-002 3.825 mm (0.1506 in.) 
90418-RPC-002 3.850 mm (0.1516 in.) 
90419-RPC-002 3.875 mm (0.1526 in.) 
90420-RPC-002 3.900 mm (0.1535 in.) 
90421-RPC-002 3.925 mm (0.1545 in.) 
90422-RPC-002 3.950 mm (0.1555 in.) 
10 90423-RPC-002 3.975 mm (0.1565 in.) 
11 90424-RPC-002 4.000 mm (0.1575 in.) 

10.After replacing the thrust washer, make sure the clearance is within standard.

11.Disassemble the installed parts from the mainshaft.

12.Reinstall the bearing in the transmission housing.