A/T Secondary Shaft 2nd Gear Axial Clearance Inspection

1.Install the thrust needle bearing (A), needle bearing (B), 2nd gear (C), thrust needle bearing (D), 43 x 54.5 mm thrust washer (E), 39 mm cotters (F), and cotter retainer (G) on the secondary shaft (H), then secure them with the snap ring (I).


2.Set the dial indicator (A) on the 2nd gear (B).


3.Lift the 2nd gear (A) up while holding the secondary shaft (B), and use the dial indicator (C) to read the 2nd gear axial clearance.


4.Measure the 2nd gear axial clearance in at least three places while turning the 2nd gear. Use the average as the actual clearance.

Standard: 0.04-0.12 mm (0.002-0.005 in.) 

5.If the clearance is out of standard, remove the 43 x 54.5 mm thrust washer and measure its thickness.

6.Select and install a new thrust washer, then recheck.

THRUST WASHER, 43 x 54.5 mm
No. Part Number Thickness 
90502-RPC-000 2.900 mm (0.114 in.) 
90503-RPC-000 2.925 mm (0.115 in.) 
90504-RPC-000 2.950 mm (0.116 in.) 
90505-RPC-000 2.975 mm (0.117 in.) 
90506-RPC-000 3.000 mm (0.118 in.) 
90507-RPC-000 3.025 mm (0.119 in.) 
90508-RPC-000 3.050 mm (0.120 in.) 
90509-RPC-000 3.075 mm (0.121 in.) 
90510-RPC-000 3.100 mm (0.122 in.) 
10 90511-RPC-000 3.125 mm (0.123 in.) 
11 90512-RPC-000 3.150 mm (0.124 in.) 
12 90513-RPC-000 3.175 mm (0.125 in.) 
13 90514-RPC-000 3.200 mm (0.126 in.) 

7.After replacing the thrust washer, make sure the clearance is within standard.

8.Disassemble the installed parts from the secondary shaft.