A/T Shift Cable Replacement

NOTE: The illustration shows the LHD model; RHD model is similar.

1.Lift the vehicle up on a hoist, or apply the parking brake, block the rear wheels, and raise the front of the vehicle. Make sure it is securely supported.

2.Remove the center console.

3.Pry the socket holder lock (A) up with a screwdriver.


4.Remove the nut securing the shift cable end.


5.Rotate the socket holder retainer (A) counterclockwise, push it against the socket holder bracket (B), then slide the socket holder to remove the shift cable (C) from the bracket.


6.Remove the shift cable cover (A), and remove the three bolts securing the shift cable holder (B).


7.Pry up the lock tab of the lock washer (C), and remove the lock bolt (D) and lock washer, then separate the control lever (E) from the selector control shaft (F). Do not bend the shift cable excessively.

8.Remove the nuts securing the shift cable bracket (A) and grommet (B).


9.Remove the shift cable grommet, and pull out the shift cable (C).

10.Insert the new shift cable through the grommet hole (D), and install the grommet in its hole. Do not bend the shift cable excessively.

11.Secure the shift cable bracket and grommet with the nuts.

12.Make sure that the transmission is in the R position at the transmission control lever.

13.Install the control lever (A) over the selector control shaft (B).


14.Install the shift cable holder (C) on the holder bracket (D) with tightening bolts loosely. Tighten the bolts (E) in the lateral position to the specified torque, then tighten the bolt (F) in the vertical position.

15.Secure the control lever with the new lock washer (G) and the lock bolt (H), then bend the lock tab of the lock washer against the bolt head.

16.Install the shift cable cover (I).

17.With holding the socket holder (A), rotate the socket holder retainer (B) fully counterclockwise, and press in the socket holder lock (C) between the holder and retainer.


18.Align the socket holder (A) with the slot (B) in the socket holder bracket (C), then slide the holder into the bracket.


19.Rotate the socket holder retainer (A) clockwise, and push the socket holder lock (B). Rotate the holder retainer counterclockwise until the retainer stops at the stop (C) of the holder lock to secure the shift cable.


20.Turn the ignition switch ON (II), and verify that the R position indicator comes on.


21.If necessary, push the shift cable (A) until it stops, then release it. Pull the shift cable back one step so that the shift position is in R. Do not hold the shift cable guide (B) to adjust the shift cable.


22.Turn the ignition switch OFF.

23.Place the shift lever in the R position, then insert a 6.0 mm (0.24 in.) pin (A) into the positioning hole (B) on the shift lever bracket, through the positioning hole on the shift lever, and into the positioning hole on the bracket. Use only the 6.0 mm pin with removed-burrs ends.


24.Verify that the shift lever is secured in the R position.

25.Install the shift cable end (A) over the mounting stud (B) by aligning its square hole (C) with the square fitting (D) at the bottom of the stud. Do not install the shift cable by holding the shift cable guide (E).


26.Verify that the shift cable end (A) is properly installed on the mounting stud (B).


27.If improperly installed, align the square fitting with the square hole by rotating the mounting stud.

28.Install and tighten the nut.


29.Remove the 6.0 mm (0.24 in.) pin that was installed to hold the shift lever.

30.Allow the front wheels to rotate freely.

31.Start the engine, and shift the transmission through all gears three times. Check the shift lever operation, A/T gear position indicator operation, and shift cable adjustment.

32.Shift to the P position, and check that the shift lock works properly. Push the shift lock release, and verify that the shift lever releases.

33.Install the center console.