A/T Differential Carrier Bearing Side Clearance Inspection

Special Tools Required
Driver 40 mm I.D. (  07746-0030100)

Driver attachment 30 mm I.D. (  07746-0030300)

1.Install the spacer (A) in the torque converter housing with the spacer tab (B) into the guide. Do not install the spacers mix-up in the transmission housing and torque converter housing.


2.Install the differential assembly (C) in the torque converter housing, and put the spacer (D) on the differential.

3.Drive the differential assembly securely in the torque converter housing so there is no clearance between the bearing, spacer, and housing with the special tool.


4.Install the 90 mm thrust shim (A) in the transmission housing (B).
If you replace the 90 mm thrust shim with a new one, use the same thickness as the old one.


5.Align the spring pin (A) on the selector control shaft (B) with the transmission housing groove (C) by turning the control shaft with the detent plate (D).

NOTE: Do not squeeze the end of the selector control shaft tips together when turing the control shaft.


6.Install the gasket (E) and three dowel pins (F) on the torque converter housing (G).

7.Place the transmission housing (H), and install the mounting bolts (19 bolts). Tighten the bolts to 44 N·m (4.5 kgf·m, 33 lbf·ft) in a crisscross pattern in two or more steps.

8.Measure the clearance between the 90 mm thrust shim and the spacer with a feeler gauge.

Standard: 0-0.07 mm (0-0.003 in.) 


9.If the clearance is out of standard, remove the 90 mm thrust shim, and measure its thickness.

10.Select and install a new thrust shim. Recheck the clearance and make sure it is within the standard.

No. Part Number Thickness 
41441-RPC-000 1.30 mm (0.051 in.) 
41442-RPC-000 1.35 mm (0.053 in.) 
41443-RPC-000 1.40 mm (0.055 in.) 
41444-RPC-000 1.45 mm (0.057 in.) 
41445-RPC-000 1.50 mm (0.059 in.) 
41446-RPC-000 1.55 mm (0.061 in.) 
41447-RPC-000 1.60 mm (0.063 in.) 
41448-RPC-000 1.65 mm (0.065 in.) 
41449-RPC-000 1.70 mm (0.067 in.) 
41450-RPC-000 1.75 mm (0.069 in.) 
41451-RPC-000 1.80 mm (0.071 in.) 
41452-RPC-000 1.85 mm (0.073 in.) 
41453-RPC-000 1.90 mm (0.075 in.) 
41454-RPC-000 1.95 mm (0.077 in.) 
41455-RPC-000 2.00 mm (0.079 in.) 
41456-RPC-000 2.05 mm (0.081 in.) 
41457-RPC-000 2.10 mm (0.083 in.) 
41458-RPC-000 2.15 mm (0.085 in.) 
41459-RPC-000 2.20 mm (0.087 in.) 
41460-RPC-000 2.25 mm (0.089 in.) 
41461-RPC-000 2.30 mm (0.091 in.) 
41462-RPC-000 2.35 mm (0.093 in.) 
41463-RPC-000 2.40 mm (0.095 in.)