VTC Actuator Inspection

1.Remove the cam chain.

2.Loosen the rocker arm adjusting screws.

3.Remove the camshaft holder.

4.Remove the intake camshaft.

5.Check that the variable valve timing control (VTC) actuator is locked by turning the VTC actuator counterclockwise. If not locked, turn the VTC actuator clockwise until it stops, then recheck it. If it is still not locked, replace the VTC actuator.

6.Seal the advance holes (A) and retard holes (B) in the No. 1 camshaft journal with tape.


7.Punch a hole in the tape over one of the advance holes.

8.Apply air to the advance hole to release the lock.


9.Check that the VTC actuator moves smoothly. If the VTC actuator does not move smoothly, replace the VTC actuator.


10.Make sure the punch marks on the VTC actuator and exhaust camshaft sprocket are facing up, then set the camshafts in the head.

11.Set the camshaft holders and chain guide B in place.

12.Tighten the camshaft holder bolts to the specified torque.

13.Hold the camshaft, and turn the VTC actuator clockwise until you hear it click. Make sure to lock the VTC actuator by turning it.

14.Install the cam chain.

15.Adjust the valve clearance.