Fuel Line/Quick-Connect Fitting Removal

NOTE: Before you work on fuel lines and fittings, read the ‘‘Fuel Line/Quick-Connect Fitting Precautions''.

1.Relieve the fuel pressure.

2.Check the fuel quick-connect fittings (A) for dirt, and clean them if needed.



3.Place a rag or shop towel over the quick-connect fitting. Hold the connector (A) with one hand, and squeeze the retainer tabs (B) with the other hand to release them from the locking tabs (C). Pull the connector off.

  • Be careful not to damage the line (D) or other parts. Do not use tools.
  • If the connector does not move, keep the retainer tabs pressed down, and alternately pull and push the connector until it comes off easily.
  • Do not remove the retainer from the line; once removed, the retainer must be replaced with a new one.


4.Check the contact area (A) of the line (B) for dirt or damage.

  • If it is dirty, wash the connector with the steam, and dry it with the compressed air.
  • If it is rusty or damaged, replace the fuel filter, or fuel feed line.


5.To prevent damage and keep foreign matter out, cover the disconnected connector and line ends with plastic bags (A).

NOTE: The retainer cannot be reused once it has been removed from the line.
Replace the retainer when:
  • replacing the fuel rail.
  • replacing the fuel feed line.
  • replacing the fuel pump.
  • replacing the fuel filter.
  • replacing the fuel gauge sending unit.
  • it has been removed from the line.
  • it is damaged.