M/T Assembly Disassembly

Exploded View - Clutch Housing


Exploded View - Transmission Housing 

NOTE: Place the clutch housing on two pieces of wood thick enough to keep the mainshaft from hitting the workbench.

1.Remove the detent bolts (A), springs, steel balls, and the back-up light switch (B) then remove the transmission hanger (C).


2.Remove the 20 mm bolt (A) and 20 mm washer (B).


3.Remove the interlock bolt (A), the change lever assembly (B), the 8 x 14 mm dowel pins (C), and the harness bracket (D).


4.Remove the drain plug (A), filler plug (B), 10 mm flange bolt (C), output shaft (countershaft) speed sensor (D), plain washer (E), and O-ring (F).


5.Remove the 8 mm flange bolts in a crisscross pattern in several steps.

6.Remove the transmission hanger (A) and the transmission hanger (B), then remove the harness bracket (C).


7.Remove the 32 mm sealing cap (A).


8.Expand the 72 mm snap ring (B) on the countershaft ball bearing, and remove it from the groove using a pair of snap ring pliers.

9.Remove the transmission housing (C) and the 14 x 20 mm dowel pins (D).

10.Remove the reverse lock cam.


11.Remove the reverse idler gear (A) and the reverse gear shaft (B).


12.Remove the reverse shift fork.


13.Apply tape to the mainshaft splines to protect the seal, then remove the mainshaft assembly (A) and the countershaft assembly (B) with the shift forks (C) from the clutch housing (D).


14.Remove the 28 mm spring washer (E) and the 28 mm washer (F).

15.Remove the differential assembly (A) and the magnet (B).


16.Remove the oil gutter plate (A), the 72 mm shim (B), and the oil guide plate M.