Torque Converter Housing Secondary Shaft Bearing Replacement

Special Tools Required
Handle driver (  07749-0010000)

Driver attachment, 62 x 68 mm (  07746-0010500)

1.Remove the bolt, then remove the lock washer (A) and bearing set plate (B).


2.Remove the secondary shaft bearing (A) by heating the housing to about 100 °C (212 °F) with a heat gun (B). Do not heat the housing in excess of 100 °C (212 °F).

NOTE: Let the housing cool to normal temperature before installing the bearing.


3.Install the new O-rings (A) on the ATF guide collar (B), then install the ATF guide collar in the housing.


4.Install the new secondary shaft bearing (C) in the direction shown.

5.Drive the secondary shaft bearing with the special tools, and install it securely in the housing.


6.Check that the bearing groove aligns with the housing surface, then install the bearing set plate while aligning the bearing groove.

7.Install the new lock washer and bolt, then bend the lock tab of the lock washer against the bolt head.