A/T Shaft Assembly and Housing Installation

Exploded View


NOTE: Refer to the exploded view as needed during the following procedure.

1.Install the differential assembly in the torque converter housing.

2.Install the baffle plate on the servo body.

3.Assemble the mainshaft, countershaft, and secondary shaft.

4.Join the mainshaft subassembly (A), countershaft subassembly (B), and secondary shaft subassembly (C) together, and install them in the torque converter housing. Do not bump the countershaft on the baffle plate (D).


5.Make sure if the countershaft and differential are clear of the baffle plate (D).

6.If the detent arm was removed, install the detent arm (A) with arm collar (B) on the servo body (C), and install the new lock washer (D) by aligning its cutout (E) with the projection (F) of the servo body. Install and tighten the bolt, then bend the lock tab of the lock washer against the bolt head.


7.Install the selector control shaft (A) in the torque converter housing aligning the manual valve lever pin (B) on the control shaft with the guide of the manual valve (C). Pull the manual valve gently when aligning the manual valve with the selector control shaft.


8.Hook the detent arm spring (A) to the detent arm (B).


9.Turn the shift fork shaft (A) so the large chamfered hole (B) is facing the fork bolt hole (C) of the shift fork (D).


10.Install the shift fork and reverse selector together on the shift fork shaft and countershaft. Secure the shift fork to the shift fork shaft with the lock bolt and a new lock washer (E), then bend the lock tab of the lock washer against the bolt head.

11.Install the needle bearing and countershaft reverse gear on the countershaft.

12.Install the reverse idler gear in the transmission housing.

13.Install the idler gear shaft, if it was removed.

14.Install the three dowel pins (A) and a new gasket (B) on the torque converter housing (C).


15.Align the spring pin (D) of the selector control shaft (E) with the transmission housing groove (F) by turning the control shaft. Do not squeeze the end of the control shaft tips together when turning the shaft. If the tips are squeezed together, it will cause a faulty shift position signal or position due to the play between the control shaft and the switch.

16.Place the transmission housing (G) on the torque converter housing. Do not install the mainshaft and countershaft speed sensors before installing the transmission housing on the torque converter housing.

17.While expanding the snap ring of the secondary shaft bearing using the snap ring pliers, push the transmission housing down to start the secondary shaft bearing through the snap ring. Then release the pliers, and push down the housing until it bottoms and snap ring snaps in place in the secondary shaft bearing snap ring groove.


18.Verify that the secondary shaft bearing snap ring (A) is seated in the bearing and housing groove, and that the ring end gap (B) is correct.


19.Install the transmission housing mounting bolts along with the transmission hanger, and tighten the 19 bolts in two or more steps in a crisscross pattern.

20.Install the mainshaft speed sensor (A) and countershaft speed sensor (B) with new O-rings (C).


21.Install the shift solenoid harness connector (F) in the transmission housing with the new O-ring (G).


22.Connect the connector (YEL, WHT, and WHT wires) to the shift solenoid valve D.

23.Connect the connectors to the respective valves:

  • BLU wire to shift solenoid valve A.
  • ORN wire to shift solenoid valve B.
  • GRN wire to shift solenoid valve C.
  • RED wire to shift solenoid valve E.

24.Install the shift solenoid valve cover (A) with the two dowel pins (B) and the new gasket (C).