A/T Differential Carrier Bearing Replacement

Special Tools Required
Bearing Separator (  07KAF-PS30200)

Attachment, 40 x 50 mm (  07LAD-PW50601)

  • The bearing and outer race should be replaced as a set.
  • Inspect and adjust the bearing preload whenever the bearing is replaced.
  • Check the bearing for wear and rough rotation. If the bearing is OK, removal is not necessary.

1.Remove the final driven gear from the differential carrier.

2.Install the bearing separator between the bearing inner race and the carrier. Place a collar (A) on the carrier, and install the commercially available bearing puller (B).


3.Remove the carrier bearing (C).

4.Install the new carrier bearing (A) with the special tool using the small end and a press until it bottoms. Press the bearing on securely so there is no clearance between the bearing and the differential carrier.


5.Install the final driven gear on the carrier.