Cooling System

Fan Motor Test


Thermostat Test

  1. Disconnect the 2P connectors from the radiator fan motor and condenser fan motor.

    Terminal side of male terminals

  1. Test the motor by connecting battery power to the B terminal and ground to the A terminal.
  1. If the motor fails to run or does not run smoothly, replace it.

Replace the thermostat if it is open at room temperature.

To test a closed thermostat:

  1. Suspend the thermostat (A) in a container of water. Do not let the thermometer (B) touch the bottom of the hot container.

  1. Heat the water, and check the temperature with a thermometer. Check the temperature at which the thermostat first opens and at which it is fully open.
  1. Measure the lift height of the thermostat when it is fully open.


Lift height:

above 8.0 mm (0.31 in.)

Starts opening:

76 – 80°C (169 – 176°F)

Fully open:

90°C (194°F)