Fuel and Emissions

(K20A2 engine)


Fuel and Emissions Systems

Special Tools 11-2
General Troubleshooting Information 11-3
DTC Troubleshooting Index 11-6
Symptom Troubleshooting Index 11-8
System Descriptions 11-9

PGM-FI System

Component Location Index 11-53
DTC Troubleshooting 11-56
MIL Circuit Troubleshooting 11-77
DLC Circuit Troubleshooting 11-88
Injector Replacement 11-90
Primary HO2S Replacement 11-92
CKP Sensor Replacement 11-92
ECT Sensor Replacement 11-93
TDC Sensor Replacement 11-93
IAT Sensor Replacement 11-94
Knock Sensor Replacement 11-94
Secondary HO2S Replacement 11-95


Component Location Index 11-96
DTC Troubleshooting 11-97
VTC Oil Control Solenoid Valve Test 11-107
VTEC Solenoid Valve Removal/Inspection 11-108
CMP Sensor Replacement 11-108

Idle Control System

Component Location Index 11-109
Idle Speed Adjustment 11-110

Fuel Supply System

Component Location Index 11-111
Fuel Pump Circuit Troubleshooting 11-112
Fuel Pressure Relieving 11-115
Fuel Pressure Test 11-115
Fuel Lines Inspection 11-117
Fuel Tube/Quick-Connect Fittings Precautions 11-119
Fuel Tube/Quick-Connect Fittings Removal 11-120
Fuel Tube/Quick-Connect Fittings Installation 11-121
Fuel Pulsation Damper Replacement 11-123

Intake Air System

Component Location Index 11-124
Intake Air Bypass Control Thermal Valve Test 11-125
Air Cleaner Replacement 11-126
Air Cleaner Element Replacement 11-126
Throttle Cable Adjustment 11-127
Throttle Cable Removal/Installation 11-128
Throttle Body Removal/Installation 11-129
Throttle Body Disassembly/Reassembly 11-130

Catalytic Converter System

Catalytic Converter Inspection 11-131

PCV System

PCV Valve Inspection and Test 11-132
PCV Valve Replacement 11-132

EVAP System

Component Location Index 11-133

Refer to the '01 Civic Shop Manual P/N 62S5A00, for items not shown in this section.

Outline of Civic (3-door) Model Change

K20A2 engine have been added.