VTEC Solenoid Valve Removal/Inspection


CMP Sensor Replacement

  1. Disconnect the VTEC solenoid valve 2P connector.
  1. Measure resistance between the VTEC solenoid valve connector terminals No. 1 and No. 2.


14 - 30 ohms

  1. If the resistance is within specifications, remove the VTEC solenoid valve assembly (A) from the cylinder head, and check the VTEC solenoid valve filter (B) for clogging. If there is clogging, replace the solenoid valve filter, the engine oil filter, and the engine oil.

  1. Remove the air cleaner (see page 11-126).
  1. Disconnect the CMP sensor 3P connector.
  1. Remove the CMP sensor (A).

  1. Install the part in the reverse order of removal with a new O-ring (B).