Fuel Supply System

Fuel Tube/Quick-Connect Fittings Installation (cont'd)


  1. Align the quick-connect fittings with the pipe (A) and align the retainer (B) locking pawls with the connector (C) grooves. Then press the quick-connect fittings onto the pipe until both retainer pawls lock with a clicking sound.

    NOTE: If it is hard to connect, put a small amount of new engine oil on the pipe end.

Connection with new retainer:

Reconnection to existing retainer:

  1. Make sure the connection is secure and that the pawls are firmly locked into place; check visually and by pulling the connector.

  1. Reconnect the negative cable to the battery and turn the ignition switch ON (II). The fuel pump will run for about 2 seconds and fuel pressure will rise. Repeat 2 or 3 times and check that there is no leakage in the fuel supply system.