Fuel and Emissions Systems

System Descriptions (cont'd)


VTC system

  • The VTC system makes continuous intake valve timing changes corresponding to the operation conditions.
  • It optimises intake valve timing to allow the engine to produce maximum power.
  • Cam angle is advanced to obtain the EGR effect and reduce the pumping loss. The intake valve is closed quickly to reduce the entry of the air/fuel mixture into the intake port and improve the charging effect.
  • Reduces the cam advance at idle, stabilises combustion, and reduces engine speed. If a malfunction occurs, VTC system control is disabled and the valve timing is fixed at the fully retarded position.

VTEC system

  • The VTEC system changes the cam profile to correspond to the engine speed. It maximises torque at low engine speeds and output at high engine speed.
  • The low lift cam is used at low engine speeds, and the high lift cam is used at high engine speeds.
  • The K20A2 engine changes both the intake and exhaust camshaft. Only the intake camshaft side has a VTEC mechanism on the K20A3 engine.