Clutch Replacement


Special Tools Required

  • Clutch alignment tool set, 07PAF-0020000
  • Ring gear holder, 07LAB-PV00100 or 07924-PD20003

Pressure Plate and Clutch Disc Removal

  1. Check the diaphragm spring fingers for height using the dial indicator (A). If the height is more than the service limit, replace the pressure plate.

    Standard (New):

0.6 mm (0.02 in.) max.

Service Limit:

0.8 mm (0.03 in.)

  1. Install the special tools.

  1. To prevent warping, unscrew the pressure plate mounting bolts (A) in a criss-cross pattern in several steps, then remove the pressure plate (B).
  1. Inspect the pressure plate (A) surface for wear, cracks, and burning.

  1. Inspect the fingers of the diaphragm spring (B) for wear at the release bearing contact area.