Slave Cylinder Replacement



  • Use fender covers to avoid damaging painted surfaces.
  • Do not spill brake fluid on the vehicle; it may damage the paint; if brake fluid does contact the paint, wash it off immediately with water.

  1. Write down the frequencies for the radio's preset buttons. Disconnect the negative (-) cable first, then the positive (+) cable from the battery. Remove the battery.

  1. Remove the battery tray.

  1. Remove the air cleaner (see page 11-126).

  1. Remove the intake air duct (see step 7 on page 5-3).

  1. Remove the clutch line bracket (A).

  1. Remove the mounting bolts (A) and the slave cylinder (B).

  1. Remove the roll pins (C). Disconnect the clutch line (D), and remove the O-ring (E). Plug the end of the clutch line with a shop towel to prevent brake fluid from coming out.

  1. Install the slave cylinder in the reverse order of removal. Install a new O-ring (A).

  1. Pull the boot (B) back, and apply brake assembly lube to the boot and slave cylinder rod (C). Reinstall the boot.

  1. Apply Urea Grease UM264 (P/N 41211-PY5-305) to the push rod of the slave cylinder. Tighten the slave cylinder mounting bolts to 22 Nm (2.2 kgf/m, 16 lbf/ft).