Manual Transmission

Countershaft Assembly Clearance Inspection (cont'd)


Countershaft Disassembly

  1. Measure the thickness of the distance collar.
  • If the thickness is less than the standard, replace the distance collar with a new one.
  • If the thickness is within the standard, go to step 6.


28.03 - 28.08 mm (1.104 - 1.106 in.)

  1. Measure the thickness of the 2nd gear.

  • If the thickness of 2nd gear is less than the service limit, replace 2nd gear with new one.
  • If the thickness of 1st gear is within the service limit, replace the 1st/2nd synchro hub with a new one.


27.92 - 27.97 mm (1.099 - 1.101 in.)

Service Limit:

27.87 mm (1.097 in.)

  1. Securely clamp the countershaft assembly in a bench vice with wood blocks.

  1. Remove the special bolt (left-hand threads).
  1. Support 6th gear (A) on steel blocks (B), then use a press (C) and an attachment (D) to press the countershaft out of the ball bearing.